The Animaticus Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the preservation, education and evolution of traditional 2D animation in a digital age.

The 2D animation industry is in great danger of losing all the knowledge and expertise it has gleaned from its almost 100 years existence. It therefore becomes increasingly more important that this precious artform is preserved and evolved. The Animaticus Foundation believes that if 2D animation is to survive it has to do so through education and high level production. The Animaticus Foundation therefore intends to raise the creative bar while enabling the young animators of the future an opportunity of studying and gaining real experience by apprenticing to established master animators.

We believe that traditional hand-drawn animation is a unique and inspirational art form, embracing all the aesthetic and creative skills of Mankind… storytelling, classical drawing, sound design, music, color, movement and dramatic art. No other art form can offer this opportunity. Therefore our primary focus is to encourage the application of both 'art' and 'artistry' to the medium of animation. The well-trodden 'cartoon' path is surely now very close to being exhausted.

With this in mind, The Animaticus Foundation is committed to the following practical objectives…

i) The creation of traditionally created animated film projects that are innovative, imaginative and ground-breaking.

ii) The creation of an apprenticeship system that enables young and talented post-graduate students to gain a mastery of their craft through working side-by-side with proven master animators on ground-breaking productions.

iii) The establishing of an "Atelier" academy of animated excellence to enable all of the above.

To achieve these aims, The Animaticus Foundation seeks to find funding through public grants, private donations and industry sponsorship. The successful hosting of the '2D OR NOT 2D" Animation Festival' is yet another way of realizing additonal funds to support these aims.